HKIA/HKIS Joint Panel of Arbitrators & Joint Panel of Mediators Guidance Notes for Continuing Professional Development

The requirement to undertake CPD
It is a mandatory requirement for members on the Joint Panel of Arbitrators (JPA) or Joint Panel of Mediators (JPM) to report a minimum of 20 hours CPD over a three-year period from the categories below.
Categories of CPD
A Attending and/or conducting Arbitration/Mediation courses, seminars, conferences and workshops etc organised by the HKIA/ HKIS/ HKIAC or other recognised institutes/ organisations.
B Writing articles for publication; giving presentations, lectures, speeches etc; participating at official meetings of the Arbitration/Mediation related council/committees etc.
C Job related specialized research; training/supervising candidates for perusing Arbitration/Mediation related qualification.
D Self guided study or research; and relevant activities contributing to personal skills or professional development.
E Case study or research work.
Submission and Vetting
Panel members shall, upon renewing their membership on the JPA or JPM, be required to provide details of satisfying the minimum requirement of 20 hours of CPD over the period of 3 years immediately prior to the renewal by completing a CPD Log Sheet. The Joint Dispute Resolution Committee (JDRC) shall have the final say on whether members have complied with the CPD requirements.
Members in suspected non-compliance cases will be required to attend an interview. If non-compliance is found, the member will be required to rectify the deficiency within one year.

Members, who fail to rectify the deficiency within one year, may be expunged from the Joint Panel of Arbitrators/Mediators.