Joint Panel of Arbitrators

Criteria for inclusion on Joint Panel of Arbitrators

The arbitrators admitted onto the HKIA/HKIS Joint List of Arbitrators should be:

  1. Having sufficient experience in arbitration whether as arbitrator, counsel, expert witness, instructing solicitor or otherwise. Without prejudice to the generality of the above, Fellowship of HKIArb and CIArb may suffice for the purpose; and
  2. Good character and not having been removed as arbitrator in circumstances where moral probity or in-competency were an issue; and
  3. Provision of two reference letters in support of the application; and
  4. 7 years post qualification experience of either HKIA or HKIS membership.

HKIA & HKIS Joint Panel of Arbitrators

HKIA & HKIS Joint Panel of Arbitrators

Barrett, Paul
Chan Hon-Kwong, Louie
Chan Hon-wan, Edwin
Chan Man Shing
Chan Siu Hong, Honby
Chang Ka Chung
Chang Woon Kay
Chee Wai Hung Simon
Cheung Hinson Pak Hin
Cheung Kwok Kit
Cheung Yau Chuen, Ivan
Chong Lui Chuen
Chung Kwok Fai, Rix
Cock, John Eric
Fok Tsan Ying
Ho, Jean Peter
Ho Chi Wai, Daniel
Hon Chi Yi, Ludwig
Houghton, Anthony Kenneth
Kwok Ching Wa, Gilbert
Kwok Kwok Yuen
Lai Yip Hung, Alex
Lam Chi Hoi, Eugene
Lam Chun, Daniel
Lam Wai Yee
Lee Ka Lun, Stephen
Lee Kim Keung, James
Leung Chi Tim, Robin
Leung Hing Fung
Lo Seung Chi, Stanley
Pong Kam Keung, James Kenneth
So Yee Ching, Phyllis
Timothy Stephen Beresford Hallworth
Tsang Kwok Kei, David
Tsin Chung, Henry
Tung Yau-ming, Gregory
WAN Wai Wing
Wong Kwong On
Wong Samuel Kwok Hay
Wu Shek Cheong, Bernard
Yan Kwok Wing
Yeung Kwong, Sunny
Yeung Man Sing